Care and support

Abbeyfield Scotland is now offering an innovative approach to supporting the lifestyles of independent people in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. Our knowledge and experience is founded on more than fifty years of supporting, helping and advising independent people through the work of Abbeyfield Scotland.

Crandeen has been formed to meet society’s changing needs and the expectations of men and women who are fit and able and wish to live in their own homes, and who value peace of mind and professional support when they need it. The quality and consistency of home support is important for those who would like to have more say, choice and flexibility in the services they receive at home.

We tailor our support to individual needs and wishes, provided by companions selected specially for their professionalism, natural compassion, reliability and personality. Our companions will have the essential knowledge and experience you would expect, but critically, they will have time to dedicate to individual needs – to chat, to help and to advise.

This is a premium service which will provide unparalleled commitment, dedication and support to ensure that those who choose us can be assured of peace of mind as they live the lifestyles they choose, in the comfort and security of their own homes.