New lease of life for Colin!

Colin moved into Abbeyfield Scotland accommodation in Inverclyde earlier this year.  Previously he had lived in a flat two floors up which made him practically housebound.

In July, staff started to work with Colin by encouraging him to walk with his zimmer frame down to the front gate and back so that he could take photos of his new residence for his Facebook page.

Linda, Area Supervisor explained: “We’ve seen a huge improvement over the last couple of months.  Colin now leaves his zimmer at the top of the ramp and walks down it using the handrails and goes along the path and back up to the top.”

In August, Colin also got a mobility scooter. He has more confidence and goes to the esplanade daily and walks along it using the handrails. Colin said: “I’m much more active now. It’s given me a new lease of life!”

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