Animal therapy

At Abbeyfield Scotland, we know the positive impact being around animals can make on people’s lives. Animals can help those living in sheltered accommodation to relax, provide companionship and bring great joy. When we spend time caring for animals, it can also boost mental and physical health and help people to become more active.

Resident Hamish, at our Abbeyfield supported accommodation in Killearn, enjoys receiving visits from dog Molly. His owner, Sandra, loves bringing her in and watching the smiles she puts on people’s faces. Many of our sheltered houses also allow residents to keep their pets with them. The bonds that people have with their pets and the unconditional affection they receive can be extremely powerful.

Recent research has also shown that over-70s who have a pet are considerably less likely to feel lonely. It is also acknowledged that stroking animals significantly reduces blood pressure and improves cardiovascular health. If you would like to find out more about moving into supported accommodation with your pet, please contact us on 0131 225 7801.