Community Pop Up Cafe at Abbeyfield, Turriff

Our community pop up cafe will be available again in Turriff on three dates at Abbeyfield House, The Wynd, off Manse Road.

The house, which offers very sheltered housing for older people, opened the cafe on Thursday 2nd June and will host two further cafe dates from 10.00am – 11.30am on Wednesday 29th June and Wednesday 27 July.

The cafe project is helping raise the awareness of what Turriff’s Abbeyfield House has to offer to the town and its surrounding area.

Carole Foreman, Abbeyfield Scotland’s Area Supervisor for the North-East, said many people in the Turriff area were unaware that the house existed or of its purpose.

She explained “Abbeyfield Turriff was originally a local initiative which offered accommodation to older people with a connection to the area.  On 1st April, 2008 it became part of Abbeyfield Scotland Limited and we would like to highlight just how important a role it plays in the community and what it has to offer.”

There are nine rooms in the Turriff house and the community cafe is to be used to introduce staff members and showcase the house’s facilities.

Carole added “Anyone is welcome to come along to have a cup of coffee, a bannock and a blether. We would be delighted for them to have a look around the house and speak to the staff.  We do have some room vacancies and our staff would be able to inform anyone interested about the options and any possible support we can offer.”

Further information is available by calling 01888-568878 or 07880-037518.