Market Research

Abbeyfield Scotland is looking to the future and needs to know what more we could be providing by way of services to our residents.

We have commissioned market research from Arneil Johnston, a Housing Consultancy firm, to develop this on our behalf in order to better understand what current residents, family members and staff feel we should provide now and in the future.

The project aims to ensure we can provide maximum benefit for our existing and future residents and we consider this project, and the information (held in confidence) provided by residents, family members and staff, will be essential in determining our future direction.

In undertaking the first part of this market research, Arneil Johnston have prepared various questionnaires which are intended to help us to:

1. Better anticipate what our customers want, both now and in the future;

2. Make best use of what we currently do well and use this to provide new or improved services; and

3. Offer new products from our current houses that will meet the needs and desires of residents and local communities.

We will update you on our findings in due course.