Meet Sandy

I’ve lived in Turriff all my life. I went to Upperbrae School and followed in my father’s footsteps by becoming a farmer. I was a wartime bairn and we relied on ration coupons for everything. Even if you had the money it was no use without the coupons. One day we heard a loud bang while we were working on the farm; it was the Banff Distillery being bombed. The whisky was running down the streets and all the men were trying to get a free dram. Some landed in a farmer’s burn and he had drunk cows and ducks!

I’ve seen lots of big changes in my lifetime, some of them good and some of them not so. As a farmer, the main challenges I faced were the weather but luckily that doesn’t matter so much now I live at the house.

The best thing about living at Abbeyfield is that there’s always good food and someone to talk to. Whenever I can, I listen to my favourite Scottish traditional music and read a book or the newspaper. I’d have loved to have learned how to play the accordion – maybe one day!